Treat Pain and Achieve a Clearer, More Youthful Complexion
with this Limited-Edition Dual-Action Solution

Elevare Skin caseDiscover The Solution Series. Featuring two of Elevare’s best-selling devices in an elegantly designed, limited-edition case, The Solution Series provides everything you need for clinical strength skin treatment, all right from the comfort of your own home. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, the Ivory targets bacteria under the skin’s surface and reduces pigmentation to brighten the complexion, while the RED provides a 100% natural solution to pain relief as well as anti-aging skin repair, and can be used in conjunction with topical medications due to the inclusion of a specially designed silicon cap.

Both the Ivory and the RED are backed by clinical studies, FDA cleared, and side-effect free. Together, in the limited-edition Solution Series kit, these revolutionary devices hold the key to a brighter, younger you.

Elevare Skin certification

Certificate of Authenticity

Each case comes with an authenticity card, that validates your purchase of a limited edition Solution Series Case, by Elevare Skin LLC. Only 500 cases have been produced worldwide.

RED by Elevare Skin

The Elevare RED is simple and safe to use and combines a multitude of benefits for the face, body and well-being.

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Ivory by Elevare Skin

Purify and detoxify your skin with the power of blue light.

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Powerful, Natural, and Non-Invasive LED and Topical
Heat Skin Therapy

The IvoryKey Benefits of the Ivory

The human body is able to use light rays for various health benefits. Blue light, which is used by the Ivory device, has no side effects or allergens and is clinically proven to purify the skin.

The REDKey Benefits of the RED

Red light therapy, which is used by the RED device, encourages the tightening and repair the skin, while also providing pain relief and diminishing the appearance of scars, among other benefits.

Blue light therapy benefits

Red Light Therapy

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Restore the youth and beauty of your skin with an Elevare facial rejuvenation device.