How to Use Elevare


Charge Your Elevare Device

Step One:

Before beginning treatment, ensure that the device is fully charged. To ensure the device is fully charged, charge the device overnight or for 6 hours uninterrupted.

Your Skin Should be Clean and Dry

Step Two:

Your face should be clean and dry before beginning treatment; do not apply lotion or other products to your skin prior to treatment.

Turn the Device On

Step Three:

Turn the device on, and the treatment head of the device will begin to heat up. In order to save battery power, the device uses a smart sensor which only activates the treatment head when in contact with your skin. Apply light pressure to your skin using small circular motions.

Using Your Elevare Device

Step Four:

Continue treatment in this manner for three minutes on each area of your face: below the eyes from cheek to chin, forehead, and neck. Making sure to avoid the eyelids. Elevare is safe to use all over your body.

Cleaning Your Elevare Device

Step Five:

After each session, it’s recommended that you apply a small amount of moisturizing cream to the treated areas of your face. Clean the Elevare device after each use with a damp towel or a small alcohol pad to disinfect the surface thoroughly. Do not wash the device or allow moisture to penetrate the interior of the unit.

For best results, repeat these steps three times a week during the first month after purchase, and then once a month after that, as needed.

Watch the Elevare Device in Action!

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Find out how Elevare’s clinically proven anti-aging technology works.