Register Your Device

Be sure to register your device after purchase in order to take full advantage of the Elevare® Warranty! You must register your device within 7 days of receiving it. Before you register, please be aware of the following:

Charging Your Device
Overcharging your device may result in battery malfunction. Make sure to follow the device manual and instructions to ensure that the device is properly charged.
Storing Your Device
Your device must be stored in a cool dry place away from water and moisture.
Using The Device
Use this device on clean skin, not on makeup or skin care, unless you have the Elevare RED with a silicone cap.
Please note, your warranty ensures the replacement of a brand new device that is completely free. However, the customer is responsible for the payment of a processing, shipping & handling fee. Elevare’s Shipping & Handling fees are $89.99 for shipments within the U.S only and $129.99 for International customers. Please refer to the Elevare Warranty under the Support tab on our website for more information.

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