The Ultimate Anti-Aging Solution

The Ivory cleans, prepares the skin and minimizes pores. The Elevare Plus + then eliminates fine lines and wrinkles.

Ivory by Elevare Skin and Elevare Plus + Bundle


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Purchase the ultimate anti-aging solution when you buy both the Elevare Plus + and the Ivory. Both of these devices are clinically proven and dermatologist recommended. The Ivory uses blue light therapy and topical heat to disinfect, detoxify and eliminate bacteria under the skin. Elevare Plus + uses red and infrared light and topical heating to rejuvenate the skin. There are no side effects when you use Elevare Skin devices.

Key Benefits of the Elevare Plus +:

  • Stimulate collagen production on a cellular level
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles and minimize pores
  • Eliminate skin discoloration and pigmentation
  • Our most powerful anti-aging medical device, with maximum skin penetration and healing

Key Benefits of the Ivory:

  • Uses blue light therapy and topical heat
  • Treat and prevent all variations of acne
  • Improve the skin’s surface and texture and reduce pigmentation, to lighten and brighten the skin

The Ivory & Elevare Plus + are FDA cleared class II medical devices.

Both devices are used by dermatologist worldwide. They allow you to achieve professional results in the comfort and privacy of your own home. And there is a Lifetime Warranty on both devices. Learn more about the Elevare Warranty here.

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Ivory by Elevare Skin and Elevare Plus + Bundle


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1 Review

  1. lussi

    Amazing results !! love this devices .. my skin looks all the time better and better and im not using anymore make up!!

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