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The Elevare RED is simple and safe to use and combines
a multitude of benefits for the face, body and well-being.

RED by Elevare Skin

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The newly engineered RED device features updated components, innovative and perfected technology for a stronger device with more effective results for the face and body. RED can simultaneously produce collagen fibers and elastin, while gently erasing signs of aging in all three layers of the skin. RED promotes blood circulation for better healing and treating of the skin, revealing a youthful and rejuvenated complexion.

Key Benefits:

  • Uses the strongest LED technology, infrared light therapy, topical heat and red light therapy to deliver a precise dosage of energy to the skin
  • A 100% natural solution for anti-aging prevention and repair for the face and body
  • A 100% natural solution for pain relief
  • Can be used with moisturizers or serums because it was designed along with a silicon skin cap
  • Achieve professional results in the comfort and privacy of your own home
  • Clinically tested and proven
  • Used by medical and skincare professionals worldwide
  • Lifetime Warranty. Learn more about the Elevare Warranty here

RED is an FDA cleared class II medical device.

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16 Reviews

  1. Nadia Vanderwarf

    I bought 2 Elevare Skin devices, respectively the red light model and the Ivory model, in January of this year. It’s been about 2 months since I used red light and my skin has visibly improved, my wrinkles have diminished significantly, my skin looking smooth and radiant. My 22-year-old daughter also had many blackheads under her skin, and she underwent various treatments, including going to a facial treatment periodically at an expert, but in vain, because the situation did not improve. But for 2 months since using Ivory by Elevare Skin, she has completely got rid of the black spots, her pores have shrunk, and her skin has become much brighter and smoother to the touch. In addition, she told me that using red light she managed to get rid of some old white stretch marks. We love these products, and we recommend them with confidence !!!

  2. Christopher

    The red machine works on joint and lower back pain. I tried this product at a show in Arizona and I felt relieved both me and my wife loved the result we saw and almost after 5 months we are happy with the purchase and the results we got so far

  3. Edith B

    I felt compelled to review Elevare Red.

    While on holiday in Maui, my husband & I went into a spa called LA BELLE AME.

    We were given a facial demonstration by Gio, introducing the RED.

    We had healthy doubts, as we were promised our skin would look & feel dramatically different when he finished.

    Geo was knowledgeable & professional.

    Explaining technique and answering questions as he went along.

    Our skin looked luminous and we looked great!

    All this, after one treatment. Needless to say, we purchased the Red. I can’t wait to get home and begin a new beauty regiment.

    We are glad to have met Geo. And even more happy to have been introduced to this amazing technology.
    Michael & Edith

  4. Deb S

    Amazing little machine. It works on lines, skin tone, dark spots and pain. I was skeptical when I bought it but after using for a month I was sold 100%. Gave it to a nephew going through cancer treatment for pain, he says it gives immediate relief to his joints and muscles, it is a daily treatment he can use at home. I ordered another to use in my business and I highly recommend the red for aging skin and body pain.

  5. Gina

    I love what the product does for my skin, but I would like to purchase a replacement silicone skin cap for the Red product. Is that possible

  6. Ruth Pullam

    This product worked wonders at the show I went to. My daughter bought it for me. I can’t wait to see even more results. They said it would also work on cellulite.

  7. Jerry Greenwald

    Amazing product

  8. Charlotte

    Are use my device twice and I can already see a difference at first I was very skeptical and thought oh no not again, but it seems to be working great I can really tell the difference. Happy about it

  9. Thomas m sanchez

    I in love

  10. Tanya

    Don’t expect to see results in a month or maybe even 2. I called the customer service department to tell them I didn’t notice any results and they advised me to be consistent because we all have different skin types. 6 months later total and have noticed such a difference! The wrinkles near my eyes are not so harsh, my skin looks supple, and my pores aren’t so large.

  11. Lauren

    I noticed the RED and Plus appear to have the same wavelength, but I’m really happy I went with this device instead. the silicon cap is much needed. Still in the process of seeing results.

  12. Sandy

    Was lucky enough to get a demonstration at a fair before purchasing. Only one use for a couple minutes worked on me. Can’t wait to see more results.

  13. Tamella

    Recently purchased this device and I am in love! My favorite thing about it is the ability to use my creams and serums with it because it has a removable silicon cap. So it allows for me to apply my serum on my face while omitting heat at the same time giving my skin a nice flushed look. I do think they should have silicon caps sold separately because I would like to have more than just one available to me.

  14. Angela

    Admittingly this device cost me a pretty penny. My husband said this would be my anniversary, christmas, and birthday present for the year. So worth it though because it really does work and I love how pretty the device itself looks!

  15. Ashley

    I was given this device as opposed to the gold one and not sure if there’s much of a difference between the two, but I can say that after 3 months I do notice a difference in my skin. It’s not so red, the fine lines around my mouth have become softer, and my skin just feels good.

  16. Danie

    Love how warm the device gets. At first I was nervous, but it’s very easy and has become my night time routine (it’s only advised to be used 3 times a week) but I use mine daily but for short increments of time.

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