Light Therapy Devices from Elevare Skin

The Ivory uses blue light therapy and topical heat to disinfect, detoxify and eliminate
bacteria under the skin, revealing a smoother, healthier complexion.

Ivory by Elevare Skin


(19 customer reviews)

SKU: E500

Give your skin the ultimate glow with Ivory, the newest skincare device from Elevare.

Key Benefits:

  • Uses blue light therapy and topical heat to disinfect, detoxify and eliminate bacteria under the skin
  • Treat and prevent all variations of acne
  • Improve the skin’s surface and texture and reduce pigmentation, to lighten and brighten the skin
  • Achieve professional results in the comfort and privacy of your own home
  • Used by dermatologists worldwide
  • Lifetime Warranty. Learn more about the Elevare Warranty here

The Ivory is an FDA cleared class II medical device.

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Ivory by Elevare Skin


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19 Reviews

  1. Alysa Swenson

    As a 50 year old woman who still gets hormonal acne on my chin this product is amazing. I’ve not had a breakout since using this device. My son has been to the dermatologist many times for severe acne on his back for a few years and using this device for just a few months has cleared up most of his acne.

  2. Lauren Espinoza

    Got this and I have no more acne scars!! Definitely makes me more confident

  3. Laila

    Just start using this device and already see results. Love it

  4. Farah

    I love it. Me and hubby love it alot. Are skin look beautiful!!

  5. Juliette Gil

    I absolutely love blue light therapy 🥰 I’m a licensed aesthetician and I’ve tried many beauty gadgets. The IVORY is perfect 💗

  6. BATYA

    I love it !!! I’ve got it for me and my mom and we both using it and see big difference! 🙂

  7. Reema

    The absolute best machine ever!!!!!
    total game changer!
    Clear face!
    Changed my life!
    No more scars!
    No more sun damage!
    No more acné!
    Highly recommended!

  8. Mohammad

    Im from Kuwait and I have to say at the beginning I wasn’t too sure about this ivory because I had new skin and other tools like this even from South Korea but it’s been 3 months I have this and I actually I can what this does to my skin I’m really happy with and now I use it once a week sometimes even more . In Middle East we didn’t have this but I highly recommend it

  9. Sandra Gonzalez

    Best investment I have made (in my life!). The price is worth every penny. My skin has been glowing since using this product, I get compliments even when I am not wearing make-up. I have always had trouble with my skin and I have finally found my holy grail.

  10. Paola Bobadilla

    I love it I have been using it only for a week and I already see an improvement , it’s the best product I have ever Baught

  11. Dana Shlomo

    THIS MACHINE CHANGED MY SKIN!!! It’s absolutely amazing!!!

  12. Kelsey B.

    My skin has never been so clear!!!! It is worth every single penny and you won’t be disappointed at all especially if youve struggled with acne like myself. Highly recommend.

  13. @bootyfulbrooke

    WORTH [ E V E R Y ] PENNY! I have struggled with acne/acne scaring since I was a teenager. With my wedding coming up, I was willing to try whatever it took to be able to finally be comfortable in my own skin on my big day. I had been to countless dermatologists and estheticians and felt like giving up when I came across Elevare on Instagram. Not only did it help my acne, it helped improve the surface and texture of my skin. It also helped reduce pigmentation to brighten the skin as well. I’ve never been so happy to have an electronic device before!

  14. Madisen

    I am so impressed with the results from this device. My skin has transformed in the time that I have been using. Can not recommend this enough. Worth every penny!!!

  15. kayla hendrickson

    I love this device. makes my skin feel amazing and healthy again! def worth it!

  16. Jordan

    I am so glad I decided to give it a shot despite of the relatively high price.
    Finally a product that actually works and provides noticeable results. If your acne bothers you and you are willing to invest in your skin’s look and health, the Ivory is an amazing choice.

  17. Arman

    I can’t explain how this machine helped me to get rid of my acne and spots on my face !!!
    Really amazing device, I highly recommend it.

  18. Cindy

    I feel blessed running across this machine. I had acne scars for years and it literally cured me.

  19. Natty

    As an esthetician student, this product is what we dream of! Having a product that you KNOW works is priceless!

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